Black Ink Cartridges for Kodak i600, i700, i800, i1400, i1800, i4000 Series

  • 9 Piece
  • Black Ink Cartridge

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Black Ink Cartridge

1 Piece

fits in Scanner:
Kodak i610
Kodak i620
Kodak i640
Kodak i660

Kodak i730
Kodak i750
Kodak i780

Kodak i810
Kodak i820
Kodak i830
Kodak i840

Kodak i1405
Kodak i1420
Kodak i1440

Kodak i1840
Kodak i1860

Kodak i2900
Kodak i3200
Kodak i3250
Kodak i3300
Kodak i3400
Kodak i3450
Kodak i3500

Kodak i4200
Kodak i4250
Kodak i4600
Kodak i4650
Kodak i4850

Kodak i5200
Kodak i5250
Kodak i5250V
Kodak i5600
Kodak i5650
Kodak i5650S
Kodak i5650V
Kodak i5850
Kodak i5850S

CAUTION: i600 and i800 Series model dependent on the manufacturing date

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