Separation Modul for Kodak i1200, i1300, i2000, ScanStation, Picture Saver Series

  • 1 Piece
  • Separation Modul
  • Manufacturer Number: CAT1736115

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Separation Module

1 Piece
complete with 2 Rolls

fits in:

Kodak i1210
Kodak i1220
Kodak i1210 Plus
Kodak i1220 Plus

Kodak i1310
Kodak i1320
Kodak i1310 Plus
Kodak i1320 Plus

Kodak i2400
Kodak i2600
Kodak i2800

Kodak i2420
Kodak i2620
Kodak i2820

Kodak ScanStation 500
Kodak ScanStation 520EX
Kodak ScanStation 700
Kodak ScanStation 710
Kodak ScanStation 720EX
Kodak ScanStation 730EX
Kodak ScanStation 730EX Plus

Kodak Picture Saver  PS50
Kodak Picture Saver  PS80
Kodak Picture Saver  PS400
Kodak Picture Saver  PS450
Kodak Picture Saver  PS800

Lifetime 250,000 sheets

For information regarding shelf life and life is non-binding information, which we pass on behalf of the manufacturer.

Manufacturer Number: CAT1736115

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